SALT Ministries



SALT Ministries

SALT Ministries is located in the Western Hills area of Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, we are what is sometimes referred to a "start up" ministry, being that we meet in the home of our Founding Apostle and Visionary, Yolanda Greggs and her husband, Michael.

Because we meet in the home, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, and more laid-back. There's no "dress code" so there's no pressure to dress up as one might do when going to an actual church edifice.

SALT Ministries was a vision that God gave to Apostle Greggs in 2007 but it would be 2012 before she would actually begin the foundational work of bringing the ministry forth, hosting weekly Bible study via teleconference. In May 2013, Apostle began having actually Bible studies in her home. In October 2014, the ministry began having weekly Sunday services at 8255 Porche Dr. In January 2016, after a time of sabbatical, Apostle was led of the Lord to move the services back to her home.

Apostle Yolanda was licensed to the office of Evangelist in September 2007 in Houston, Texas by Bishop E. L. Usher. In 2012 she accepted that she was called to the office of the Apostle and was affirmed, licensed, and ordained to the office in October 2012 by Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino.

8301 Heidi Lane #311 Fort Worth, Texas 76116